What I do

I am committed to guiding businesses and home loving individuals on a tailor-made, creative journey to make beautiful spaces, packed with affordable, practical and inspired solutions.

Put simply, I make your space work for you.

“I would highly recommend Josephine for her practical knowledge and styling abilities.” – Suzie
Who I am

Hello I am Josie and I have spent 15 years living in Europe and working worldwide, observing how people live and work all over the planet, experiencing and drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, habitats, and businesses – the needs, commonalities and differences.

Now back in the U.K, and with nearly 20 years of experience in the retail and interior design sectors, I believe that these insights are instrumental in providing you with the space you need and deserve to thrive.


Physical “offline” businesses have a unique advantage over their online counterparts - offering delight to all the senses – it just needs to be harnessed. I want your business to thrive and your customers to be thrilled to be in your space. Let’s make this happen.
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From distance working to socialising more at home to save money, there are a myriad of reasons as to why we are spending more and more time in our abodes. Your ‘castle’ should aid your well being, be adaptable, express your personality, and be a joy to spend time in. Let’s make your space reflect these needs.
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If I’m creating something then I’m happy – so making props and decorative items is second nature to me and something that I relish. I create themed props for events and pop-ups, as well as unique decor for your home.
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